Executive Resolution Specialist NL/BE
Product Content Manager EU


July 2020 - November 2021


As part of the Customer Experience team, I bring the voice of the customer into the organization.
This position is widely deployed and different channels are used.
For the Dutch-speaking market I am mainly involved with:
– Ensuring the quality of level 1 and level 2 support teams
– Taking over (highly) escalated tickets for deescalation
– Link between the customer and the product teams
– Support via social media

Next to my role as Customer Experience Specialist I also worked as Product Content Manager for the European market.

This role contains:
Working with multiple stakeholders to promote technical knowledge and understanding of the Ring product lineup and developing high quality, compelling and easy-to-understand content for both existing and prospective users across Europe.
A key aspect of this role includes managing end-to-end content localisation – working with translators and localisation specialists to ensure consistency in all product content across various European channels and languages.